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Tips to Send money to India

Click here to send money to India . ONLINE & CONVENIENT – LOW FEES – GUARANTEED. Send now.

Sending money to India does not anymore mean sending checks (cheques) to India. These days you get the best exchange rates when you send money to India online. With online options the competition is more and so when you send money you get better rates, lower cheaper fees, easier and faster transfers including free draft delivery to any location in India.

So how often do you send money or transfer money to India, where are you located (for example there are more options for US to India transactions), what your currency is , is dollar to rupee exchange rate is suitable when you send money to india : all these matters.

There are some very good options like this that even do not charge any fees for more than certain amount. Your relative can pickup money in minutes or you can opt for a draft to be delivered home or directly to his/her bank account. you can even pay by credit card. I personally have used this and recommend this service and I was able to transfer under 5 minutes while sitting at home.